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Silicone and acrylic sealants VASmann in tubes wholesale in Moscow

Silicone sealant Sanitary VASmann A powerful fungicide to prevent the mold occurrence. Contains acetate vulcanizer. High adhesion to materials. Moscow buys the sealant wholesale from the manufacturer VASmann.
Neutral VASmann Anticorrosive waterproof silicone sealant on adhesive basis without acetic acid. It can produce top quality vulcanization inside and outside the buildings.
Universal VASmann Silicone sealant for external joints and indoor works. The content of antifungal additives increases the compound effect. It has resistance to weathering.
Acrylic VASmann High vapor barrier and increased adhesion to heterogeneous materials: concrete, stone, plaster, PVC, wood, metal (tin, zinc). It forms an elastic rubber-like material.

Sealant VASmann is a unique compound, designed for sealing the seams and joints, for joining the heterogeneous materials. For a long time, our sealant is bought by Moscow wholesale for the construction of industrial buildings, structures, repair of apartments, cottages and household application.

What is the difference between an acrylic sealant and a silicone sealant?

The line of VASmann sealants includes the following types of products:

  • In buckets. Acrylic and polyurethane compounds.
  • In tubes. Silicone and acrylic adhesives.

The main difference between the composition of acrylic and silicone sealants is in the substance viscosity. Majority of well-known manufacturers produce acrylic sealants in containers, from which it is convenient to take construction materials with a spatula. And it is quite rare to find an acrylic compound, which is packed in cans/tubes. The sealant sold in tubes is convenient for use, since the jet of the substance comes out under pressure, the loss of material, the occasional freezing of the product and the presence of residual mixture are almost excluded.

The second difference between silicone and acrylic sealants is their intended use. Silicone sealant is more suitable for outdoor works, it does not decay under the influence of natural phenomena and differential temperature. Acrylic sealant withstands a significant range of high temperatures and is used for sealing the joints made of various materials: wood, PVC, brick, concrete, foam concrete, stone, plaster, metal (including tin and zinc surfaces).

Advantages of sealing materials VASmann

  • Affordable price. The price of foams, sealants, PSTs, tapes and other installation materials is much lower than the average market price.
  • Absolute quality. The parameters of air-tightness, thermal insulation, vapor permeability, adhesive properties are much higher than those of the most famous brand analogues. German raw materials, supplied directly from Germany, have constant quality parameters, since a long-term contract has been concluded with the producer of the raw materials.
  • Popularity. Today, most design and architectural firms, construction trusts, general contractors, construction companies, private specialists choose adhesive fillers VASmann. Usually, even at the planning stage, designers and architects recommend tapes, PSTs, sealants, foams VASmann. Sealing compounds are used for installation and sealing of the joints, seams, grooves, cracks. They are often used in the erection of buildings, structures, installation and restoration of structures, window systems, door blocks. Silicone sealant for external seams perfectly copes with its task in various conditions.
  • Ease of use. The method of application, composition, safety measures and other product descriptions are presented on a sealed package. We are ready to provide absolutely exhaustive information on the use of silicone and acrylic sealant.
  • Availability. More than 20 largest cities in Russia have our representative offices. Today, we are conducting negotiations to conclude contracts with more than 50 dealers ready to represent our products on the market. High-quality sealant from the manufacturing plant in Moscow is continuously supplied into construction and installation industry, developing the industrial segment of production. Silicone and acrylic sealants VASmann are popular in the countries of the Customs Union, the Baltic States, Europe, the CIS and other countries.
  • Versatility. Waterproof silicone and acrylic sealants VASmann are used both at home and in production and industrial complexes. Weather conditions are absolutely not the reason to not purchase a batch of sealing goods. Because the VASmann developers prepared a series of lines for use in winter period, which are suitable even for the Far North regions. The catalog presents the silicone acrylic sealant VASmann, which has a specialized basis for sealing the external seams and performing indoor works in summer and winter.
  • Good investment. Our sealants are purchased wholesale for retail sale. Due to the small financial costs and favorable terms of cooperation, dealers can create a considerable client base for themselves. Professional builders, getting truly high-quality universal sealant VASmann, return and buy the installation fillers again and again. Therefore, the partner relations become stable, the partners get everything they need: builders - good sealing material of consistently high quality, dealers - regular customers.

Silicone and acrylic sealants VASmann are the best compounds made by German technologies. The VASmann products also include wide range of PST tapes, polyurethane and professional spray foams, sealing compounds for sealing the seams, adhesive tapes (scotch and masking tapes).

Buy the foam and silicone sealant for external seams and interior works wholesale at affordable prices from the manufacturer VASmann!

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